Why Us

Weaving a genuine Patan Patola is one of the rarest forms of Textile artistry and is also a closed family art form that is only passed to the sons of the families! Learning it from the great artisan shri Vijay Sevantilal Salvi, Naman Sandesar has gained this gift of weaving the Patan Patola of highest quality.

Being a symbol of authenticity and quality for more than 60 years now, we have knowledge and the skill of weaving widest forms of Patola Sarees and Scarfs for our clients! Apart from these reasons, here are few of the reason why our customer referrals have become our greatest source of business:

1) Design Varieties:

Every culture has different values of Patola and they all have different purposes of wearing their patolas. At Patan Patola’s Art, you get all the designs of Patolas! Here are the designs that our artisans have mastered over the time span of years:

  • Pan Bhat
  • Full Bhat
  • 3 Full
  • 5 Full
  • Chabbadi Bhat
  • Nari Kunjar Bhat
  • Vagh Bhat
  • Vagh Haathi Bhat
  • Vohra Gaji Bhat
  • Navratna Bhat
  • Chokadi Bhat
  • Chanda Bhat
  • Ras Bhat
  • Galo
  • Dada Bhat
  • Ratan Chokn Bhat
  • Borjali Bhat

2) Authenticity:

The reason why we are considered as one of the master artisans of Patan Patola is our uncompromising quality and authenticity. For us, this is not just a business but a family tradition and reputation that we have been privileged in form of knowledge and trade secret from our ancestors.

The Patolas that we weave are sold on the high end of the Patola market because of the authenticity and the quality of the Patola that we weave.

3) Craftsmanship:

Each Patola Saree that we weave takes 6-12 months for completion with the initial design created by the master artisan and then it is weaved by 2-3 weavers. The sarees and scarfs are dyed by genuine vegetable dyes and our artisans have such experience that we are one of the few weavers across the globe that can create a design without faded colours.